This is a book for mothers who love their sons, and want to be closer.


What will you get from reading this book?
  • A deeper understanding of your boys and also the men you love
  • Learn the reasons a male’s emotions are less visible
  • Learn the secrets of his emotions and how to see them
  • Discover a new closeness from understanding and loving his uniqueness
  • Discover the three things that drive these differences that impact your sons but not your daughters
  • Get tips for teaching young boys about emotions
  • Learn how to find your son’s safe emotional places
  • Experience the joy of having a new understanding of your son and his joy at being understood.


Research tells us that boys have emotions (sometimes more than the girls) but once they get a little older you stop seeing them so easily. This book gives you the tools you need to see how and why he does this. Once you understand your son it will be easy to see the same dynamics in your husband.


To get a taste of the book we have free excerpts on a blog page that will give you a beginning idea of what the book will be offering.


The bottom line is I have never met a mom who doesn’t love her son. But I have met quite a few moms who would love to be closer. This book is written specifically for them.